Construction and Operation of Hydrogen Refueling Stations

Hyfun provides integrated solutions for hydrogen refueling stations
As of Dec., 2020
2022 year 底

Hyfun is with the large number of construction and operation of hydrogen refueling stations in domesticate market
Construction of HRS and hydrogen systems over
70 units

Operation of HRS over
11 units


THyM ensures the safe, stable, efficient and cost-saving operation of hydrogen refueling stations.
The distinctive features include hydrogen refueling management, equipment management, safety management, emergency response management, quality management, communication report, personnel training and HOC. With THyM, Hyfun works with the local government of Jiading District to set local standard for operation and management of hydrogen refueling stations.


Intelligent operation management platform for hydrogen refueling stations.
Real-time recording of various data of hydrogen refueling stations through the Internet of Things technology, automatic analysis and prediction of parts maintenance, calibration and service life. Operators can do most of the daily work in the station with a single tablet. The platform realizes comprehensive management, including compliance management, equipment management, operation management, inspection management, and emergency response.

Project Cases