Key Equipment for Hydrogen Refueling Stations

Hydrogen Dispenser
Supply Cabinet
Cascade Refueling Cabinet
D3Series Hydrogen Dispenser
Employs a minimalistic design on the premise of safety and quality.
The mean flow rate is up to 1.8 kg/min when chilled-water pre-cooling is configured. 1.8kg/min;
The more diverse sensor configurations enable comprehensive monitoring.
Automated leak detection identifies leakage risks in a more meticulous manner.
Designed with the redundancy configuration of a pressure transmitter.
The function of automatic pressure relief creates safe surroundings, more effectively improves the service life of equipment accessories.
D5Series Hydrogen Dispenser
Effectively control the pressure rise rate during refueling, thus enhancing the safety of equipment operation.
Differentiated operations are performed for logistics vehicles and buses, to achieve faster and more efficient refueling.
S2 Series Supply Cabinet
Designed with temperature transmitter, large-diameter basket filter, full lift safety valve, automated leak detection, double block and bleed valve, etc., ensuring safety throughout the operation.
S4 Series Supply Cabinet
Equipped with 10.1-inch explosion-proof central touch screen for visual operation based on S2 series.
Independent nitrogen supply system, effectively guarantees the supply stability of instrument gas.
C1 Series Cascade refueling Cabinet
Modular design, automated leak detection.
Configured with temperature transmitter for effective temperature detection.
Configured with large-caliber pipe valves to ease pressure damage.
High discharge rate
AI self-learning and self-detection
Health warning
Automatic variable frequency operation
One-click start
Timed shutdown
Energy efficiency management